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The promontory of Saint-Evance

The promontory of Saint-Evance is one of the best panoramic points of the region, accessible even to less trained hikers. This is possible thanks to a convenient mule track located at a half-hour distance from Torgnon. Walking along this path in a beautiful sunny day is a delightful experience; the road, mainly plain, from the hamlet of Maisonnettes rises gently up to a larch wood, near the small chapel of St. Pantaleon, on the dividing line between the great valley and the valley of the torrent Marmore.

From Saint-Pantaleon you can reach Saint-Evance in less than an hour, crossing the path on the ridge; a very pleasant course, in the shade of pines, which in the hot summer afternoons spread a strong pafum of resin, sweet and intoxicating.

In the High Middle Ages, as several localities abandoned nowadays, Saint-Evance was inhabited all the year; at the time it was home to many exiles from the Valais, as for example a few members of the Order of St. Augustine, who arrived in the valley in the 13th century and contribute to the development of the area.