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La Confrérie du Moyen Âge is located in the village of Grand Villa, in the Alps, at 1.500 metres a.s.l. Thanks to its position, it is the ideal starting point for trekkers, who will love its many panoramic paths and trails deep in the nature.

The woods are thick, punctuated by flat fields and spontaneous mediterranean flora, grown in such a high land in virtue of a peculiar microclimate. During winter season the bigger paths convert to nordic ski tracks, which connect Verrayes to Torgnon ski resort. For those who prefer alpine ski, a shuttle service is available for our guests twice a day, roundtrip, to reach Torgnon cable car station.

Visit the copious and magnificent castles of the region is an alternative activity for bad weather days.

The Becca d'Aver (2500 m) and the Cima Longhede, that dominate this spectacular and little renowned place, can easily be climbed. The panorama from these peaks is priceless: a breath-taking view over all mountains and villages of Aosta central valley.


The area

Grand Villa is a peaceful village where time goes by at a slow pace. The main activity of the few people who live in the area is farming: territorial products, such as mountain potatoes, cabbages and Fontina cheese are an essential part of everyday plates. The locals traditionally bake their own rye bread in the common old oven of the village, a typical small structure made in stone.

The municipality of Chambave, situated downstream, has been known since ancient times for the goodness of its wines.

Many vineyards flourished in the last centuries on the north slope; the majority of their production is nowadays collected by a local vineyard cooperative, Crotta di Vegneron, which produces nineteen varieties of wines, fifteen DOC, a range that includes sparkling wines, white wines, red wines and sweet wines.

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